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Make It Rain: The Love of Money is a 2014 mobile game published by Space Inch, LLC. In the first week after its launch on the Apple OS it was with 2 million downloads the most downloaded game in the iTunes Store. The game revolves around money, greed, and corruption. Inside the game, virtual money can be earned with insider trading, subprime mortgages and the bribing of political figures. According to the creators, the game is a satire on the obsession with wealth. Space Inch’s Chairman Josh Segall, who is a criminal lawyer, indicated that he found it disturbing that the option to bribe the FBI is the most popular paid purchase within the game. The game is available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. This idea was originally inspired from a previously released game called Make Money Rain.
According to Josh Segall, the company spent $10,000 on development and $1,000 on marketing of the game and returns a daily profit of $50,000 with advertisements and purchases within the game. Space Inch also published the games Inch Disco Bees and Say The Same Thing. Andy Ross, vocalist of the band OK Go is lead developer at Space Inch, LLC

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