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Matt Bruenig can be an American lawyer, blogger, plan analyst, and commentator. He was a blogger for American think container Demos covering politics and community coverage and has written on issues including income circulation, taxation, welfare, elections, and Scandinavian economical models. He’s wedded to Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig, an judgment copy writer and editor at the Washington Post.He was a presented guest over a 2017 bout of the politics and laughter podcast Chapo Capture House and on The Michael Brooks Show also in 2017.In 2016, Bruenig gained notoriety after being terminated from Demos throughout open public feud between him and past Obama/Clinton insurance policy director Neera Tanden. Journalists who protected the matter weren’t able to appear to effectively determine whether Bruenig’s ouster was credited to his dispute with the well-connected Tanden or Bruenig’s longer record of heated up exchanges that some have characterized as online harassment.Bruenig’s work has came out in a variety of magazines including Jacobin, The Atlantic, Dissent plus the Washington Post.

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